Bare make-up and smeared: Daniela Katzenberger celebrates Halloween

“The cheapest costume is: mother,” writes entertainer and podcaster Evelyn Weigert, and a slightly less prominent but equally enthusiastic follower adds: “I love your humor!”

What happened? With a Halloween post, Daniela Katzenberger broke with the cliché of the smoothly filtered, flawless flagship blonde in the usual self-ironic way.

After bodyshaming attacks: Daniela Katzenberger reveals her weight


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Shaggy hair, dark circles and satin pajamas

With shaggy hair in the morning, smeared mascara and deep circles under the eyes, the 35-year-old shows herself on Instagram, with a headband with two flashing pumpkins on her head. The 35-year-old is standing in her kitchen, wearing pink satin pajamas with white polka dots and blinking over the edge of her coffee cup, very sleepy.

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She writes “Happy Halloween” – and although the photo looks more like a pretty sleepless night, it puts you in a good mood.

In addition to praise, there is also a lot of digital laughter, a few flames, a few hearts – and someone says conciliatory: “Still nice.”