Batteries … Strong protests in Usme blocked roads and suspended feeder routes

The demonstrations began in the morning of this Thursday and triggered strong clashes.

Mobility in Usme During this Thursday, January 6, it was seriously affected by riots between the Esmad and protesters, which led to citizens having to walk long distances to reach their destinations, in addition to the cancellation of the feeder route from the portal of this area of ​​the city.

It should be remembered that the protests began around 6:00 am by drivers, who declared be dissatisfied with the dismantling of the provisional Sitp, as this means of transport is their only source of income. However, as the hours passed, the blockades of the group of protesters caused the arrival of the Esmad to decongest the roads and thus, the excesses began.

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Finally, the mobilization reached the And from Yomasa, where the clashes continued around noon, leaving two minors and an adult apprehended.

For now, Transmilenio has different detours and returns in this area of ​​the city while the normalization of mobility recovers. Although the blocked roads have already been completely cleared, the vehicles that caused the blockades were immobilized.

After the complete clearance of the Sitp provisional, the Ministry of Mobility has announced that the entry of around 400 new buses is expected during the month of January, in order to cover the routes that left last month. For now, there are already 5,129 vehicles that have left circulation and that will enter the scrapping process.

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