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Dr. Rafia Ghobash
That was in January 2002, at the inauguration of the Sheikh Ibrahim Center.

Yes, twenty years have passed, and Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa is still instilling a flower of achievement, after another, until she formed the personality of beauty and majesty for culture and heritage in Bahrain. To complement the colorful national painting painted by Umm Khaled for the cultural scene; In every inch of this island you see a beautiful project that adds to Bahrain’s historical, cultural and artistic weight.

Twenty years, and I have witnessed this experience with the whole world, with all my eagerness to live this splendid inspiration, and to follow the growth of these projects as flowers in the orchard owned by a woman who did not have to leave her house, but decided to change and add; Within it there is a universe greater than that rigid calm, which wants to achieve, create, accomplish, and to exist and to exist.

She went out to search among the ruins of the years for the house of her grandfather, the sheikh of writers, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Khalfiah, whose council was attended by the thought leaders of that time from Al-Rihani and other writers and writers, and removes the rubble of oblivion, prompted by the love of heritage; The one who will lose his history while being able to preserve it, will not be able to preserve his future! .. It was not just a routine work between a granddaughter and a grandfather, but I felt that she was speaking to this place, debating this land, and negotiating the effects of time, so that she could make a pure soul deal between her and history. And he signed, in the name of the homeland, on the terms, all of which are pure feelings for an unfamiliar existence.

Grandfather’s house with all the poetry that was said about it, and sciences were studied in it, its walls, by extension, became a thinker and poet, then disappeared as everything under the rubble of years, waiting for the chosen one who deserves it, so he finds it, so Sheikha Mai comes after her father’s commandment to her – in a dream – to search in her grandfather’s history , responding to the call of that house .. It is the chosen one!

With this house, she started her project, which was not planned yet;… So is the spirit and its creative worlds that can only be moved with talent, and I testify that Mai is truly talented, otherwise she would not have launched into this blue space crowded with various things, flying with feelings of belonging to ancestors, her wings are two books I started By writing about them, then set out to restore their homes, and completed the journey to contain her feelings and efforts. Every home has an imprint, even a small one. In order to regain its historical presence, and revive it with an activity that never stops.

Isn’t it fortunate then that he followed this experience?

History has confirmed that Mai is the owner of a home, and the daughter of a righteous heritage, and she will not flee from the battle of challenges no matter what.. even if they are not logistical challenges (related to place, time, and material capabilities) only, but they were related to the phenomenon of the opposite as well, and how difficult it is for the opposite to come to you in terms of You don’t know!

However, the extensions came from the wise leadership that Bahrain enjoyed throughout history. The King of Bahrain provided her with all kinds of material and moral support at all levels.

And Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa (the consort of the King of Bahrain) supported her with unlimited support, and adopted many of the projects that Mai had undertaken.

As for the compassionate father who listened to Mai’s concerns, with his tender smile during these twenty years, he was Sheikh Khalifa (Prime Minister), may God have mercy on him and put him in heaven.

Mai set out, unable to stop, seeing from a distance the image of that project after its completion, and did not specify another goal for this trip, and from time to time she removed some obstacles from her wings, to start again..

Do you see my testimony wounded?

Never, not injured, even though I have been the friend of Sheikha Mai since 2001 to this day; And everyone who knows me knows that I am neither complimenting nor pretending, and I have been with her from the moment (the scribbles) on the project’s imagining papers – as every creator does at the beginning of his artistic work with which he will achieve a part of his soul – until the completion of the project!

Her miracle was not only in the achievement, but in the time of the achievement as well. Each project took only eight months or a year at most. And because God loves a sincere person in his work, who has good intentions, projects were opened for her, circumstances obeyed her desire, and things were subject to their perceptions, so she set out from the house of Sheikh Ibrahim to buy and restore the house of poetry (by the poet Ibrahim Al-Aridi), the house of Salman bin Matar, the coffee house and the house of Al-Kurar ( For ancient crafts), then (silk road), then castles…and so on… With such cultural heritage projects combined, part of Bahrain’s map moves from regional geography to global, so that awards for these projects are accompanied by international recognition for what they have done and are doing.

As for myself, I was the first to be inspired by the spirit of these initiative projects on the ground, when I returned to my country, so I went to the area in which I grew up (the gold market in his monastery), and I established the first museum documenting the history of women, and that was not easy, had I not lived through the experience of May And assimilated it, I realized that everything can be achieved if there is a sincere intention and persistent determination.

Sheikha Mai’s projects have become a magnet for those who want to start reviving their country’s history and renewing its culture and vision. Her vision expanded to include young people, so it was the “Taa Al Shabab” project, and the devotees joined in with all the support and assistance, to see later their names on the projects they supported.

This is the Bahraini beauty who feels in her heart the heartbeat of Sheikha Mai, and in her colors the sparkle of her eyes, who always hope for achievement.

Greetings to Bahrain, who gave birth to Mai!

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