Bees are put in Council with the execution of the 2021 budget in Bogotá

“The Bogota City Hall Until last November 11, it has only executed 68.3 percent of the 2021 budget. Mayor Claudia López has a month and a half left to catch up, which indicates that those 7 billion that are needed will be invested in lightly, “he said.

According to the councilor, the disorganization and lack of planning to correctly execute the budget in a city like Bogotá where there are various problems.

“The city has major drawbacks in issues such as security and poverty. Hence, it is not understood why the budget in these matters has not been executed, ”he stressed.

For this reason, he asked the Administration to design control panels to monitor the goals, actions, progress and results of the budgets corresponding to the agreements that are the product of the Bogota councilors.

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