Ben Affleck and the nightmare of playing “Batman”

There are many actors in Hollywood who would give their all for the opportunity to play “Batman”, but at least we know of one who would without hesitation miss the role of long: Ben Affleck.

The actor played the “Bat Man” in several films for Warner Bros. Studios, an experience that he did not doubt qualify as a “nightmare”, especially during the filming of “Justice League”, a film that has meant a great deal to him. headache for everyone who was involved in it.

Affleck has recently given several interviews for the promotion of his film “The tender man” for the Amazon Prime platform, and has taken advantage of them to announce that he will return to incarnate one last time as “Batman” in the new “Flash” movie, something that has him relieved, adding that the project of directing a movie about the superhero seemed like an impossible challenge.

“Directing ‘Batman’ is a good example of why I can’t handle the character. When the project came into my hands I thought ‘I’m not going to be happy doing this, someone who loves the character should do it’. Maybe if I were 32 years old I would see it differently, but at my age it is too much ”.

In statements collected by “Los Angeles Times”, Ben adds that “‘Justice League’ was the lowest point for me. That was a bad experience due to the confluence of things: my own life, my divorce, being too far away, schedules did not fit and the tragedy of Zack Snyder (the director, whose daughter took her own life during filming), in addition to re-record the scenes. It was just the worst. Horrible. Everything I didn’t like about the race was happening. It’s not that ‘La Liga de la Justice’ was bad, but everything around her was”.

After Snyder left the project, Joss Whedon took over directing the film, although his attitude turned the shoot into a genuine hell, to the point that the cast turned against him after the premiere and even actors like Ray Fisher (“Cyborg ”, In the film), they have labeled him as racist.

According to the website IMDb, “The Flash” will be released in November of this year, and will be the end point of Affleck as the character. The actor has already noted on several occasions that he will now focus on films away from action as much as possible.

The truth is that Warner Bros. Studios have not thrown in the towel with the character, and they already have the premiere of “The Batman” on their doorstep, now with Robert Pattinson in the role of the hero of “Gotham City” this year.



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