Ben Affleck confessed that his worst professional failure was with Jennifer López

Ben Affleck is a successful American actor, producer and screenwriter; that with the years of experience has managed to become a Hollywood star.

However, not all were successes in the artist’s career and, paradoxically, the project that he considered would be a success, turned into the worst failure of his professional life. It’s about “Gigli”, the movie he starred in with Jennifer Lopez 20 years ago when the two were a couple.

“It was depressing,” the actor confessed in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine.

“At that time I began to have a relationship with Jennifer Lopez, who sold a lot of magazines and seemed to generate a lot of enthusiasm, so in the film they took that idea: ‘They want a romantic comedy. They want the two to be together.’ It ended up like that famous sketch from the Saturday Night Live show – bad idea. ”

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