Beware of false calls… Alert about scams in which they use VAT refund

However, there are already several cases that have been registered in different media, where citizens assure that they reach the end of the call after giving information about their accounts that are requested by the criminals, finally they receive text messages with verification codes that they are used as the final step to loot the money.

This is why different banks continue to stress that citizens They should not give any information in phone calls that has to do with their account numbers. In turn, it should be noted that no bank is in charge of making requests for government benefits, since it is institutions such as Solidarity Income and Families in Action, those that communicate with the beneficiaries through channels such as DaviPlata.

In turn, the Social Prosperity Departmentl uses its official information channels such as web pages and social networks to inform of the dates of disbursement and payment of these benefits.

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