Biosafety measures will continue in force in Colombia, according to MinSalud

A man rides a bicycle next to an advertisement that encourages the use of face masks, in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive

Since last November 16 the vaccination card is a requirement to enter public events with massive capacity, after the national government ordered the measure to encourage vaccination and thus face the fourth wave of covid-19.

For this reason, Gerson Bermont, director of Promotion and Prevention of the Ministry of Health, He recalled that the first objective of the Ministry of Health is the protection of the life of Colombians.

When I go to a stadium, a restaurant, it is certain that I will break the biosecurity measures that are still mandatory in Colombia, so if we are all vaccinated there will be greater security and the possibility of fewer infections and deaths.

According to the director, the fact that biosecurity measures remain mandatory makes a key difference compared to other countries.

Germany, the United States, among other countries, have withdrawn the use of masks in public spaces and we observe today how the increase in cases has skyrocketed there. That is why we maintain the measures and we hope not to live the same.

The official also reiterated that Colombia wants and needs to continue advancing in the economic reopening, but it will only achieve this by guaranteeing collective protection. In this sense, the application for the card guarantees that, if there is a fourth peak in the country, it will be infections and not deaths.

Regarding the eventual fourth peak, the portfolio director indicated that The recent increase in infections in some cities such as Bogotá cannot yet be classified as such.

We see a small increase, but we have to watch the trends week by week. This is what alerts us is that people who have not been vaccinated are still at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying. For this reason, we must reach at least 70 percent of Colombians with a complete scheme by the end of the year.

Finally, regarding the entry into force of the measure, Bermont invited to make good use of the vaccination card. He recalled that it is a public health guideline and therefore an act of individual and collective responsibility and with society.

In the face of constant worry, The ministries of the Interior, Health and Commerce and the national government announced in a statement that on the second Day without VAT it will not be mandatory to present the vaccination card to enter commercial sites or purchase any type of product.

In the document that was addressed to the local leaders, the national government headed by Iván Duque highlighted, according to Caracol Radio, that the vaccination card against covid-19 is only required in face-to-face events that involve crowds, bars, gastrobars, restaurants, leisure activities, concerts, casinos, sports venues and amusement parks, among other spaces defined by the Ministry of Health, which suggests that chain stores and other commercial stores such as clothing stores, beauty products and others are exempt from this rule.

However, the statement recalls that in these cases It is essential that biosafety regulations are met, such as: the mandatory use of face masks, hand washing or the application of antibacterial gel, capacity control and, if possible, comply with the minimum social distancing.

It should be remembered that, The second day of the Day without VAT will take place this November 19. Expectations are very positive since in the first, which was held on October 28, the economic results exceeded expectations: preliminary sales of $ 9.8 billion pesos were registered, according to DIAN. Of this total figure, $ 944,000 million were added through 1.8 million transactions on platforms e-commerce.


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