Bioserie de Vicente Fernández on Televisa | Release date, cast, and synopsis

Vicente Fernandez left an important mark on the musical history of Mexico and became a consecrated icon that his fans still mourn today a month after his death. His life and work will be told through a biographical series that Televisa is preparing and that already has progress.

According to what little has transpired at the moment, the series will address the beginnings of the musician in his professional career and also his more humble side, due to the poverty he went through for a long time, before becoming a true idol.

Although it is not entirely confirmed, it is said that the fiction will bear the name “El Hijo del Pueblo”, the same title that was used for the 1974 film in which Vicente Fernández was the protagonist.

Juan Osorio is the general producer of this new project that promises to be one of the great successes of Televisa in 2022.

For now, the information is worked with secrecy and indoors. But it is known that Iliana Fox auditioned to play the wife of Vicente Fernandez, unconditional partner and mother of Alejandro Fernández. On the other hand, a source from Televisa confirmed to TVyNotas that the artist Pablo Montero will be the one who will put himself in the shoes of “Charro de Huentitán” although the musician has not yet revealed the news due to a confidentiality agreement with the television network.

A premiere date has not yet been confirmed, but filming has already begun and the series is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

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