Blockades in Ricaurte: trapped merchants protest constant power outages

At the height of Carrera 27 with Calle 10 in the north-south direction, blockages and high traffic flow are reported.

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 9, a group of about 200 people started blockades at the height of the Carrera 27 with Calle 10 north-south direction, sector of Ricaurte, as confirmed by the Bogotá Mobility Secretariat.

Through social networks, users have reported that the blockade, added to the works on the road, maintain a high flow of vehicles that impede normal traffic, in addition to the absence of management personnel on the road to decongest the traffic jam caused.

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The citizens who initiated the blockades argue that the constant power outages in the sector by the energy company Codensa, have caused merchants in the sector to be affected by damage to their machines and equipment, which has impeded their proper functioning and labor operation.

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