Boruto manga chapter 66 | Latest spoilers available

On January 20, chapter 66 of the Boruto manga will be released and while you wait, below we will tell you everything that is known about this new release.

According to the spoilers available so far, this episode will show Boruto in a different role, since thanks to a medicine created by the scientist Amado, the young ninja will experience a supernatural force and will also have control over the mind and body. by Momoshiki. This is confirmed after just looking at him, he broke his horns instantly.

On the other hand, Naruto’s son intends to save Kawaki, although it remains to be seen if he really succeeds.

In addition, a new mystery grows in the series after the supposed appearance of an intruder. One of the dialogues of the new episode reveals: “As Boruto watches them closely, Naruto and Sasuke manage to corner Momoshiki with their tremendous strength! However, an intruder appears…!?” and thus it can be deduced that a new character will appear.

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