Breakdown in the Helene Fischer show: It was not shown on TV

Smooth appearances, perfectly staged – that’s how Helene Fischer is known, for which she is loved and adored by countless fans. Now it comes out, however, that the Sat.1 show “Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy” did not go as perfectly as one thought. What happened?

Sebastian Pufpaff reveals Helene Fischer breakdown in “TV total”

The TV special for the pop singer’s new album was broadcast on Friday (November 12th). No viewer seems to have noticed the breakdown – until now. Because cabaret artist Sebastian Pufpaff shows the funny moment on Wednesday (November 17th) in his show “TV total”.

TV breakdown at Helene Fischer: what happened?

In an excerpt from the Helene Fischer show you can see the pop singer sitting down with Steven Gätjen after a song. “It’s going to be a great, great evening,” says the moderator. In the dark background, barely visible, an employee crawls out of the picture on all fours. Apparently he shouldn’t have been there. However, neither Steven Gätjen nor Helene Fischer notice the man on the floor.

For “TV total” presenter Sebastian Pufpaff this is of course a great opportunity to make fun of the pop singer. “Helene has sung a song, sits down and the first employee from the song is already trying to drag himself out of the studio with the last of his strength and then to get to safety,” jokes the cabaret artist.

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Breakdown in Helene Fischer show not broadcast on TV

The breakdown scene could not be noticed by the viewers on TV because it was cut out of the Sat.1 show. “I was allowed to look at the raw material,” explains Sebastian Pufpaff. “The Sat.1 just cut it out.”

The fact that the “TV total” presenter has access to the breakdown and is allowed to show it on his show could be due to Stefan Raab. The former cult entertainer produced “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush”, as well as the new edition of “TV total”.

“TV total” makes fun of Helene Fischer

It is also not the only moment that Sebastian Pufpaff uses for a joke about Helene Fischer. In another scene, the singer is re-synchronized and gets the voice of Youtuber Lisha, who caused a scandal in the summer house 2020 with her borderline behavior.

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The viewers see Helene Fischer speak, but hear statements like “I was one of the most disturbed thugs” or “I hit it right away”. This “new” Helene Fischer causes a lot of laughter from the audience of “TV total”.

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