Britain uses the army to fill the shortfall in medical staff, amid the escalation of Omicron’s injuries

LONDON – Agencies: The United Kingdom has sent 200 military personnel to London hospitals to provide assistance in light of the shortage of medical staff amid an increase in infections with the omicron mutation.

The British Ministry of Defense said it is paying 40 doctors and 160 public service personnel for a period of three weeks to ensure that the National Health Service hospitals in the capital are able to cope with the increase in infections, according to Bloomberg News.

The ministry added that 32 military personnel will be sent to the Central Ambulance Service, which covers the southern England region, to support paramedics until the end of next March.

London hospitals have been hit hard, as they currently have more than four thousand patients with Covid-19, according to the latest official data, up from just over a thousand patients at the beginning of last December.

On the other hand, hospitals are struggling in light of the acute absence of medical staff, as many of their patients are subject to isolation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said that the UK was “experiencing the fastest growth rate in Covid infections ever”. He pointed to the great pressure on the National Health Service due to the rapid increase in injuries among the elderly and the most vulnerable.

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