Bulletproof vests used in Medellín robbery were sold in Bogotá

The seized vests are from the Miguel Caballero MC Armor brand.

They reveal new information about the robbery of a gold warehouse in Medellín. Behind the capture of 11 of the criminals and the seizure of weapons, ammunition and motorcycles used in the robbery, the Metropolitan Police also confiscated several bulletproof vests.

Through an investigation carried out by El Tiempo, it was established that the vests, used in the robbery perpetrated days ago in a commercial area of ​​Medellín, They are from the Surveillance Fund of the city of Bogotá and they were sold by the brand Miguel Caballero MC Armor.

The transaction of these vests was made in August 2012 to the Bogotá Surveillance and Security Fund.

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“Our company carries out a rigorous and extensive control over the delivery and use of the products sold,” said Miguel Caballero.

In addition, the businessman advanced a public complaint, held on September 7 and 29, in which it reports that “unscrupulous people are selling expired products, used and / or with adulterated labels ”.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the criminals stole a quantity of gold valued at 550 million pesos. Those captured will be charged with the crime of qualified and aggravated theft, in addition to the illegal possession of weapons for civil and military use.


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