Cajicá official teased for renting a Mini Cooper for $ 117 million

The manager of the Public Service Company signed a two-year contract to use a high-end vehicle.

Dozens of citizens and some councilors in Cajicá (Cundinamarca), expressed their indignation against the manager of the Public Services Company of that municipality, Hugo Rodríguez, whom They asked me to resign for having signed a contract of 117 million pesos for the rental of an electric Mini Cooper vehicle for 24 months for personal use.

The councilor of Cajicá, Juan David Sánchez, told RCN Radio that “under no logic, ethics, transparency and decency, would it be pertinent for a public official to acquire for their exclusive use a vehicle that is of no use to the utility company, with resources that are earmarked for another mission.”

Sánchez said that it is not justified to spend 117 million pesos for two years in the rental of an electric car, “in a municipality that has barely 52 km², the second smallest in Cundinamarca and for a company that has other vehicles that can provide the same service as the 2022 Mini Cooper contract, with the supposed justification of mitigating the impact of climate change “.

He added that the contract was signed on December 21 so that no one would notice, “but apart the company has other vehicles owned and operated by directors and they are in charge of supervising the sewerage and aqueduct works in the municipality ”.

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The councilor stressed that it was better to buy the car new, since yesAccording to the magazine Motor of the month of September, this Mini Cooper electric vehicle has a price of 168 million of pesos and what they did was rent it for 117 million pesos ”.

For your part, doña Tita Piedrahita de Cavelier, a renowned businesswoman and resident of Cajicá, indicated that the citizens very surprised that the manager of the EPC of Cajicá, rent a vehicle for his personal use.

“We do not see why that happens, when less than two months ago the municipality was flooded and the official’s response to the Municipal Council at the time was that they did not have the resources to do the necessary jobs, but now they do have the resources for a car high-end for different use. That never ceases to surprise me, because public resources are sacred, “he said.

The woman added that the job of the EPC manager, Hugo Rodríguez, “would basically be to visit the municipality, the works in the rural part and a Mini Cooper is not the most suitable vehicle to do this job. ¿Where are they going to charge the battery of that vehicle in Cajicá if there are no charging stations of electric vehicles and the maintenance that the company will have to assume are very high? “.

“I think that In addition to the contract being annulled, the manager of the EPC, Hugo Rodríguez, should resign due to minimal decency on the management of public resources ”, emphasized the businesswoman.

In Cajicá the jokes and memes on social networks increase every minute, calling the official Hugo Rodríguez a drone and the contract as an act of corruption and waste of public resources.

“Shame, abuse, corrupt?” He wrote on his Twitter account @maparoga. For his part, Andrés Guzmán asked for help “so that the manager of the Cajicá public services company, Hugo Rodríguez, who signed a rental contract for an electric mini cooper for 117 million pesos, supposedly to take care of the planet, I can learn about this invention from 1817, it’s called a bicycle. “

RCN Radio called cell phones and wrote to the WhatsApp of Mr. Hugo Rodríguez and the mayor of Cajicá, Fabio Ramírez, but did not get any response on this contract.

Councilor Juan David Sánchez said that for now the manager of the EPC of Cajicá cannot be summoned to a political control debate, since only until the months of March and April can ordinary commissions be summoned.

However, it indicated that the complaints were made to the control bodies as the Attorney General’s Office, “Comptroller’s Office and the Superintendency of Public Services, so that as soon as possible they do an audit urgent management of the public resources of the Cajiqueños ”.

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