Cambuches of the Embera community in the National Park were flooded by severe downpours

The mishandling of the garbage would have caused the collapse in the pipes due to the heavy rains of the last days in the city.

Since last September 31, indigenous people of the Embera community They settled in the Bogotá National Park, where this Wednesday, November 10, they had serious damage to their makeshift homes.

The heavy rains that have been registered in the city in recent days and even the numerous lightning strikes that have occurred, caused the community to have floods in the tents that they set up with plastic bags and other elements.

The Personería de Bogotá was in charge of dealing with the situation and announced that the cause of the damages would have to do with the mishandling of garbage, thus causing the collapse of the pipes until causing the damming of the waters in the area of the town of Santa Fe.

This situation has us very concerned because by acting as guardians of rights we are concerned that they sleep wet and without the dignified roof that they are demanding so much, ”said Nathalia Chacón, delegate of the Bogotá Ombudsman.

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