Camy G could go to prison after Mauricio Alatorre’s complaint

During one of the recent broadcasts of Venga la Alegría it was announced that this Wednesday the hearing of Camy G, wife of Sargento Rap, will be held due to the complaint filed by Mauricio Alatorre González for the crimes of defamation and slander against the famous.

Luis Enrique, Mauricio Alatorre’s lawyer, explained what the exclusive appearance will be about for the morning TV Azteca.

“The lady has said in various programs that Mauricio is a stalker and a pedophile, very serious things. A control judge has to say You know what? The information presented to me makes me believe that you have committed a crime. Precautionary measures may be imposed on the woman, up to preventive detention, which is not usual in this type of crime ”.

And it is that before the questions of the presenters, the legal expert made it clear that Camy could definitely step on the prison: “She can accept her responsibility, repair the damage to the victim and avoid going to trial. If she is linked to the process and is sentenced, of course she can go to jail. You can go to jail for up to six years ”, he sentenced.