Candidate for ‘Prominent Separated’: Doreen Dietel meets ex on TV show

Show comeback for popular actress Doreen Dietel! After the jungle camp, the 47-year-old is said to have signed a candidate contract for the new TV format “Prominent Separated”. The AZ learned this exclusively from production circles.

Celebrity participant in “Prominent Separated”: Doreen Dietel is there

Former celebrity couples have to pull each other back together on the show, trust each other and act as a team. Then the proud winnings of 100,000 euros beckon. Doreen Dietel will form one of the eight duos with her ex Patrick Eid. She was with him for a few years in her youth. Spicy: Reality TV is new territory for the unpromised Bavarian who is supposed to wear his heart on his tongue. Doreen Dietel did not want to comment on AZ request.

Falling on his head: Doreen Dietel shows her wounds

Doreen Dietel is currently back in her restaurant “Dürnbecker” after a bad accident. The large wounds on her forehead after the fall can still be seen. “It happened so quickly. It was slippery and my shoes had no profile. I slipped and then fell forward,” says Dietel about her bad injuries. But she jokes again: “It will be fine. By the time I get married, it will be gone.”

These stars were once a couple: The strangest celebrity relationships


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Doreen Dietel: Own collection of jogging suits planned

The 47-year-old is full of energy; has built up another mainstay during the corona pandemic. Soon a collection of jogging suits will come onto the market under their own label DD. Her son Marlow (7) was the designer. A painted picture of a child should be printed on the cozy two-parter, Dietel said on Instagram.

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Autobiographical reveal book about lips, men and “Dahoam is Dahoam”

In the new year, Doreen Dietel also wants to try her hand at writing. An autobiographical revelation book is planned. It is about your life in the GDR, bygone men, the time during the BR series “Dahoam is Dahoam” and your botched surgical lips.

Concept: What can TV viewers expect from “Prominent Separated”?

“Prominently Separated – The Villa of the Past” brings eight ex-celebrity couples to their emotional limits. In the reality format, however, it shouldn’t just be about pure competition.

So far there are no participants in the RTL show "Prominently separated" known.

New show “Prominent Separated”: Eight ex-couples live under one roof


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Has time really healed all wounds? Can the former love duos still pull together? Why did love become hate? Do old feelings come up again? The new RTL show will start broadcasting on February 22nd.

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