Captured rogue who would have attacked President Duque

From Popayán, the Minister of the Interior announced that alias Aurelio was captured in a special operation.

“We want to communicate to the country, announce the result of the San Martin 5 operation, we communicate the capture of Aurelio Suarez Pérez, alias Aurelio, one of the material and intellectual authors of the attacks on the President of the Republic in the city of Cúcuta in Norte de Santander on June 25 and also the attack on Brigade 30 “, said the Interior Minister Daniel Palacios.

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On your visit to Popayán, where he delivers equipment and automobiles to various municipalities in Cauca, Minister Palacios, accompanied by the military leadership, explained that the work was carried out with the support of the intelligence section of the National Police. The operation was carried out in the municipality of El Tarra in Norte de Santander,

Alias ​​Aurelio, He would have belonged to the FARC for 5 years and today he is part of the dissidents coordinated by aliases John Mechas, for whom the authorities offer a reward of 3 billion pesos. “With the capture of this dangerous criminal, we advanced in the dismantling of the residual organized group, Frente 33 and as Minister Palios reiterated, we are going for the bandit alias John Mechas, we reiterate the reward of more than three billion that there is for information to capture this bandit ”, expressed the General Luis Fernando Navarro, Minister of Defense In Charge.

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Meanwhile from the outside, the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, referred to the operation and explained that it is the result of an exhaustive follow-up: “As we had committed to the country, here the one who pays it, alias Aurelio, responsible for the attack against the President of the Republic and the Brigade 30 in Norte de Santander. He was captured thanks to an operation by our Army, the Air Force and the National Police ”.

Finally, Minister Molano assured that military operations will continue in the area to affect the illegal organization Frente 33, “Operations continue to be on the offensive, we are going to dismantle those FARC dissidents and regain tranquility and security for Norte de Santander and especially for Catatumbo,” Molano concluded.

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