Carla Giraldo moved to a luxurious area in Bogotá and now breathes pure nature

Frank Martinez joked and asked the actress why she moved so far out of town.

Carla giraldo became the absolute winner of the recent edition of MasterChef Celebrity, where he competed with celebrities like Viña Machado, Liss Pereira and Frank Martínez for this long-awaited award. The celebrity caused a stir for his comments and attitudes during some phases of the competition, where he was seen pulling taunts at Gregorio Pernía and the aforementioned comedian.

Despite this controversy that she left on digital platforms such as Twitter, it was recently announced that the actress will be the first guest of the program ‘Metido en tu cocina’, which will be conducted and presented by Chris Carpentier and Frank Martínez, one of the MasterChef participants with whom he generated a good relationship.

According to the trailer that was presented on television, the comedian arrived at the door of the artist’s house, with whom he wanted to joke about the ‘reunion’ and the surprise that they saw each other. The Colombian took a seat and He questioned his former partner for having moved too far from Bogotá, to which she assures that made this decision because “you breathe a different air.”

Martínez did not hesitate to get his humor out and throw jokes about the supposed reaction of nature when he learned that the actress would go to live in that rural area.

Some time ago, the Colombian told a little about her history and the decisions she made when she left home when she was very little. In an interview he gave to Pilar Castaño, Carla assured that she came to be in a Family Welfare home and when she set foot in Bogotá this changed for the better, giving you the ability to accommodate and achieve stability.

Once she met her current husband, Mauricio Fonnegra, everything became his reality and he was able to build a home with comforts that he did not have when he was a child. Both of them they moved to the luxurious area of ​​Rosales, which has been characterized by its prestige and high living costs.

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With the arrival of their little ones, Damien and Adrián, Giraldo realized that the space was too tight for everyone, so he decided to find a more spacious and comfortable place outside the city.

In the interview she had with castaño, the actress and winner of the kitchen format pointed out that he moved to Sopó, Cundinamarca, where everything is surrounded by nature and a different peace from what is felt in the capital.

In the new program of the RCN channel, you will be able to learn a little more about the history of Giraldo, who has manifested at different times the harsh experiences that he has had since childhood and his path in acting. The cooks will add flavor to the story and the gastronomic techniques will come to the fore.

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