Carmen Salinas: Producer of “Mi Fortuna es Amarte” will wait for the actress, without looking for a replacement

Nicandro Díaz, producer of the telenovela “My Fortune is Loving You”, in which Carmen Salinas participated before she suffered the cerebral hemorrhage commented that will wait as long as possible for the actress, before thinking of any replacement.

“You have to give the corresponding times to see what happens, and we will wait as long as possible.”

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“Needless to say I would like Carmelita to continue within the story, but things look complicated, but we have to wait, I still have some ‘interest’ to see what happens, “he reported.

Díaz announced that for the moment he has not thought about an alternative plan in case the actress does not manage to overcome her critical state of health, but he is aware that he must do something.

“That I already have a plan B, I do not have it, because I am going to wait for Carmelita as much as possible, but if things continue like this we will have to do it, but everything in due time and what can be expected, I will do it”, emphasized.

As well as his family and friends, he expressed that he also hopes and asks for a miracle so that Salinas can overcome everything that suddenly happened to him.

“The news reached me that night that it all happened. It was an unexpected situation, and I feel very sad, concerned, especially for her, for her family, because they are people I love very much, I have known them for many years.

“We are waiting for a miracle or to see what happens because the situation is really very difficult, “he said.

Carmelita Salinas is considered by many as a second mother, for Nicandro Díaz she is like a very beloved aunt of his family, who he met even before being part of the artistic environment.

“What I value a lot is her closeness to talk about any topic. I have known Carmelita since before working at Televisa, I think she I have known her since before I was a studentI knew Pedrito, I know his daughter Maru, in those days we used to go skating at the Satélite ice rink, imagine it has been years since there isn’t even that, it was as if she were an aunt, “he shared.

At the moment, Carmen Salinas continues to be hospitalized, according to the reports of her family her condition is critical, but stable.



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