Carmen Salinas succeeds in surgical procedures

The actress Carmen Salinas continues to show that she has great strength, by leaving the two surgical procedures to which she was subjected this afternoon without complications, as reported by her family through a statement on the Instagram account of the also businesswoman.

“We share with you that today the first actress Carmen Salinas underwent a successful tracheostomy and gastrostomy. The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications, and she is stable, within the seriousness that her condition implies,” it reads in the statement.

This Monday, her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia informed the media that, 11 days after her grandmother was admitted to the hospital, it was necessary to give way to other procedures that would help her recovery, especially because there was a risk of infection.

“We are going to start with the processes that are followed, which is the tracheostomy, which will be done tomorrow, and on Thursday they will do the gastrostomy. So it is not serious, they are the steps to follow. Intubation hurts the vocal cords and lips, “said her granddaughter.

He explained that this would help with his diet and with cleaning up phlegm; He also said that a new tomography would be carried out so that the doctors could see how the bleeding is going, that he has to this day in a natural coma and from which they hope to wake up soon, so the family continues to ask people pray for his recovery.



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