Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco surround Albert’s children at the National Day of the Rock in Charlene’s absence (photos)

The Monegasque National Day festivities take place this Friday on the Rock. While Princess Charlene is absent due to “fatigue” and recuperates in a top secret place, Albert of Monaco surrounded himself with his children, Jacques and Gabriella but also with his very famous sisters, Caroline and Stéphanie to celebrate this day. particular.

Indeed, the famous aunts were called to the rescue to chaperone the heirs to the throne. Caroline of Hanover held hands with 6-year-old Jacques, dressed in an official costume, while Stéphanie held the hand of her niece Gabriella. Prince Jacques of Monaco greatly amused the observers of this ceremony, by playing the mischievous and by multiplying the grimaces. He even had to be called to order by his aunt Caroline.