Catch the phrases that people say the most before they die: nurse told them

Julie McFadden is a hospice specialist in hospice care.

Julie McFadden is a hospice nurse who recently became a TikTok phenomenon., since he dedicated himself to explaining issues related to the death of terminal patients.

This woman, a native of Los Angeles (California), claims to have worked in a hospice for the last five years, and before that she worked for more than a decade as an ICU nurse.

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In one of her videos, Julie comments: “I love educating patients and their families about what to expect with hospice and what to expect with the specific illness. from which they are dying. I also really like that the patient and the family feel comfortable knowing that we will be there to control their symptoms. “

The nurse already has more than 418 thousand followers, who constantly ask her about palliative care and death, topics that she usually answers in short clips, giving little known information about it.

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