Catch the signs to see if your pet is happy with you

Your pet can give several signals that can tell you if he is comfortable with your company.

Having a pet has become a task of great responsibility, since it not only involves providing a roof and food, but many more tasks in which the teaching of the nobility must be taken into account, to relieve themselves outside or in their respective boxes, among other things.

Although these teachings take time and can be difficult, there are things that you must adopt so that beyond your pet being your company, they feel comfortable with you and that in this same way they are very happy.

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Therefore, ‘Animal Expert’, specialists in animal behavior, they point out what are the signs that their pets should have, that indicate to him that he is really happy with his master.


  • It wallows: If you take your dog for a walk, and when you let it go, it tends to roll on its back, and then gets up wanting to run and have you match it, it is a high indicator that he is enjoying the moment and is very happy.

  • For the game to get your attention: According to the experts, this signal is very positive, since if you are chatting with other pets and stop in order to run towards you, it means that beyond enjoying the moment, it wants you to join the fun as a good friend. .

  • Lies on you: They say that animals tend to feel the moods of their caretakers, however, if you are in a comfortable position and your furry comes to lie on you, it is a sign that he trusts you.


  • He brings his nose closer to her and purrs: This may mean that your cat is too comfortable with you, and they want you to have the scent of him, something they use to mark territory.

  • The raised body brings him closer: When your feline does this, it means that you want him to consent, this is a sign that you trust him, taking into account that these animals are very independent.

  • Lift the tail: When his tail is raised, it means that he feels comfortable in the place where he is, and according to the experts, he will also seek to play with you.

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