Cathy Hummels gets great ratings with a horror appearance on ‘X-Factor’

Prime time success for RTL2 – and Cathy Hummels. The private broadcaster was able to lure many viewers in front of the screens with the cult series “X-Factor” at prime airtime on Halloween. In terms of daily market share, RTL2 was even on par with RTL.

Cathy Hummels plays with Jonathan Frakes on “X-Factor”

Cathy Hummels could also be seen in a film. The presenter has long since gone among the actresses and embodied a kiosk owner in the “X-Factor” case through special lucky numbers. In her role, Hummels was heavily covered in make-up, wore two pigtails, leather leggings, fake fur, smoked a cigarette and chewed gum.

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Good ratings for RTL2’s “X-Factor”

And that apparently went down well with the TV audience: The mystery format with Jonathan Frakes was watched by a total of 1.05 million on Sunday from 8.15 p.m. In terms of advertising, RTL2 gained a strong market share of 7.9 percent, reports “DWDL “.

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“X-Factor” features five short stories about parapsychological phenomena such as reincarnation, aliens and ghosts. Some of these mysterious, supernatural events are pure fiction, but others actually took place.

Narrator Jonathan Frakes only reveals at the end of each episode whether the stories shown are true or just come from the imagination of a skilled screenwriter.