Celebrity fees: Which candidate earns the most in the 2022 jungle camp?

Finally jungle again – finally coal again! While the TV viewers enjoy trash entertainment, the jungle celebs cheer for income and attention. Two years of the corona pandemic mean for many VIPs: no regular income and no society events. How good that the jungle camp is running again in 2022!

Prominence and (received) attention bring high fees

But how much do the candidates really earn from the two-week production in South Africa? Who was so interesting that a request came from management? And who is more likely to become friends with RTL and ITV?

Lucrative jungle camp: Ex-candidate estimates celebrities’ salaries

Someone who knows the salaries and wages of the show industry chats in the AZ about the merits of the jungle camp participants in 2022. Julian FM Stoeckel (34) was a candidate for “I am a star – get me out of here” in 2014 and knows how hard it can be negotiated.

Exclusively in the AZ, Stoeckel sorts this year’s jungle campers according to celebrity, popularity and market value – and thus estimates the fees.

Eric Stehfest: 80.000 Euro

Julian FM Stoeckel: “Of course I know Eric Stehfest from his role at GZSZ! The media also know that he went through drug times and withdrawal. I think that he will tell all of this in moody conversations around the campfire.”

Janina Youssefian: 65.000 Euro

Julian FM Stoeckel has known her for a long time and appreciates her: “The famous Hamburg carpet slut! We have known each other for many years and I have to admit that I always had a lot of fun with Janina. By now you also know that it wasn’t a carpet store but a cutting table. But good, whether cut or not, whether planed or not: we will have a lot of fun with Janina! “

Filip Pavlovic: 40,000 Euro

“Filip is of course a creamy cake. He’s not predestined for conversations about Mozart, Wagner or Goethe, but he looks good. And we have now arrived in our business where that is totally enough and one no longer needs to be witty or quick-witted So I hope that he speaks less and undresses more, “says Stoeckel with a laugh.

Christin Okpara: 40.000 Euro

“She will of course be happy because she now believes she has reached the zenith. However, the work is only just beginning now. Participation in the jungle camp does not make a star. Because there is something that many always forget: Christin Okpara is dependent on the favor of the station, depending on how much Daniel and Sonja like them and, last but not least, on the audience. This is known to be tough, but fair! “, so Stoeckel skeptically.

Lucas Cordalis: 150.000 Euro

Stoeckel values ​​Daniela Katzenberger’s husband very much: “I have known Lucas for years, of course. I was good friends with Costa and I also know his sister Kiki. Lucas is a charming and great man. He will be solid as a rock for many. I would have been happy to be at camp with him too. “

Tara Tabitha: 40.000 Euro

Stoeckel is amused: “This is the ex of ‘PromiBB’-Proll and politician grandson Eric Sindermann. Tara Tabitha looks wonderfully simple and more like a lady characterized by superficiality and consumption. But that’s enough today. The main thing is a GUCCI . With that you can hide many differences. Provided you even notice them! “

Peter Althof: 60.000 Euro

Julian FM Stoeckel doesn’t even know the former celebrity bodyguard. He estimates his jungle earnings at around 60,000 euros.

Harald Glööckler: 200,000 euros

According to Stoeckel, Glööckler is the top celebrity in the jungle camp and at the same time the top earner: “Harald – the mistress (as I may call her) is of course a wonderful friend and companion. I am very pleased that RTL has freed up a large budget and has ennobled the jungle with his participation! Bravo! He will entertain us like a king. “

Anouschka Renzi: 85,000 euros

“Anouschka is of course known through her famous parents Paul Hubschmid and Eva Renzi. She has been a successful TV actress for years and also does a lot of theater. But honestly, I’m most worried about Anouschka. I don’t know whether she’s with this horde good at ‘first-person actors’ “, says Stoeckel.

Linda Nobat: 40,000 Euro

“Unfortunately, I don’t know. I can’t and won’t allow myself a judgment,” says Stoeckel about the ex- “Bachelor” candidate.

Manuel Flickinger: 40.000 Euro

“It will probably not attract much attention. But we have many other, very behavioral candidates who will push themselves into the center. I also doubt that Manuel can surprise us with a good performance,” said Julian FM Stoeckel about the former ” Prince Charming “candidates.

Tina Ruland: 75,000 euros

Stoeckel advised the “Manta, Manta” star in advance: “Tina Ruland is of course a name in the German film and television landscape. This is her first step in this reality world. I gave her a few tips and I hope that you help her. I wish her all the luck in the world and hope that she will get through this well. “


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