Cesar Millan Denies His Dog Killed Queen Latifah’s Dog

Cesar Millan Denies His Dog Killed Queen Latifah’s Dog

“Mr. Millan refused to respond to this threat, and this interview is the result.”

Dog Whisperer star Cesar Millan is fighting back after an employee’s daughter claimed that she was attacked by his pit bull.

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Lidia Mattis, a former elite gymnast, filed a lawsuit claiming that Cesar’s dog Junior severely injured her in an attack in 2017.

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According to TMZ, says she was visiting her mom at Cesar’s office when she encountered the unsupervised and unleashed dog, who proceeded to repeatedly bite her on the legs.

She says she was left “wounded and disfigured” and was unable to continue competitive gymnastics. To this day, she continues to “suffer physical and emotional pain.”

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Lidia also claims that Cesar knew about Junior’s violent tendencies and that he had previously bitten others and mauled several dogs — including one dog owned by Queen Latifah.

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According to the lawsuit, he tried to cover up the dog’s death by telling his staff that they were to tell the actress that her dog was hit and killed by a car.

Meanwhile, Cesar says that Lidia only went public with her claims this month because he refused to pay her the $850,000 she was demanding.

“This incident occurred over 4 years ago. Two weeks ago, Ms. Mattiss’ counsel sent a letter demanding that Mr. Millan pay her $850,000 — or she would be going ‘to the press.’ Mr. Millan refused to respond to this threat, and this interview is the result,” Cesar’s rep told People.

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The statement went on to list Cesar’s accolades, calling him the “world’s most prominent dog training expert,” and crediting him with helping “thousands of behaviorally troubled animals.”

His rep also noted that Lidia was “well aware of this” while visiting Millan’s training facility and “repeatedly returned to his property and ranch after the incident.”

As for the accusations about Queen Latifah’s dog, his rep says that accusation is “a blatant lie.”

The dog trainer also reportedly filed an answer to the lawsuit claiming that Lidia “assumed the risk of being bitten because she knew of the danger” and that she was “negligent,” although he did not say how.

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The lawsuit is still ongoing.

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