‘Choros’ stole five ships from a parking lot in Bogotá

According to the police authorities, only two vehicles were recovered and they are still looking for the criminals.

In a parking lot in Bogotá located on Carrera 68 with Calle 13, several criminals entered, shot and gagged a security guard while stealing five vehicles and other items. the authorities revealed that the loss exceeds 200 million pesos.

“During 11:45 pm, two people entered a vehicle, got out of the car, threatened the guard, gagged him and proceeded to steal several vehicles from the parking lot, they are two small vehicles, a truck and three large vehicles, two vans and a tank car, of these 5 vehicles that were stolen, two were recovered in Soacha and we are after the search for the other three cars and criminals “, said Colonel Javer Yerena Operational Commander of Citizen Security (e).

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The high official assured that the thieves also took the batteries and radios from other vehicles that were in the parking lot, However, the security cameras in the same sector are being reviewed to be able to find what is presumed to be a criminal gang according to neighbors of the sector.

“I came here to the parking lot to take out my vehicle but they tell us that some cars were stolen, there is only one guard here and well that is normal in this area, They are criminal gangs that are dedicated to that, to steal vehicles or parts, we have to wait for the police to do something because that always remains the same and they do nothing “, Julián Alberto Ballén, a resident of the sector, assured.

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According to figures from the Ministry of Security in 2021, 3,724 cars were stolen, increasing the figure compared to previous years, the modalities are armed robbery, theft while the vehicle is parked, among others.


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