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Dubai: Zakia Kurdi

The first digital artwork was through the non-fungible “tokens” of the Lebanese artist residing in the UAE, Christel Bishara, in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym that symbolizes the creation of the “Bitcoin” currency, and the transition to decentralized financial resources through blockchain technology. The evolution of digital art in a space that celebrates beauty.

Their series of digital artworks with the “Beauty in Diversity & DeFi” badge is named after the new cryptocurrency lexicon adopted by artists, collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts. The business chain will only be available for purchase via “crypto tokens” in the non-fungible token market (NFT).

Talking about the identity of digital art, which is still closely related to the practical aspect in the fields of design, advertising, and others, and the way in which the plastic artist can distinguish his private space in this virtual world, Bishara says: The most important thing for artists is to work on creating and refining their unique style that can be linked them immediately, since this would lay the foundation not only for the digital art he would produce; It will also help them build their brand and artistic legacy.

As for her choice of “beauty” as a central theme and axis in her work, she explained that it is the message that defines her style and artwork, “beauty in diversity.”

Bishara believes that our world is beautiful, because it is diverse and full of contradictions, and that is why she is keen, through her works, to highlight the idea that the differences between us, and what distinguishes us and makes us unique; We must accept and contain these differences and pluralism, and develop our mindsets to be more tolerant and inclusive. She says: I like to make art that celebrates life and honors beauty in its various manifestations.

She adds: My studio is located in Dubai; Currently showing my latest collection, my style can be classified as modern, but I always intend to achieve a timeless classic through dynamic patterns and expressive colors on a monochromatic background, creating distinct and eye-catching art.

Bishara explains: My style provides a sophisticated elegance that conveys a succinct narrative message, with a background in design, and I’m looking for what I would call an expressive piece of visual art.

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