Christian Nodal could be banned

Christian Nodal faces a lawsuit with his current record label, Universal Music, so I couldn’t work with other artists like the MS Band or his fiancee Belinda, in which the legal process is solved, of which the record company has preferred not to speak.

The problems arose when the singer did not reach a good agreement for the renewal / cancellation of a contract from which he had actually wanted to be released for a long time. This situation now has his music in limbo and, worse yet, has the artist in serious legal trouble.

But why did the problem grow? We present you five facts to understand why Christian Nodal could be banned.

1) Nodal had long been expressing his disagreements with the record company; He even went so far as to say publicly that he had a “toxic relationship”: “Don’t tell me to put nitro on him to release music that, for my part, everything is ready from uuuuh. You have to tell the record company to put the batteries”, published among other tweets.

2) The interpreter and his father sat down to negotiate with the representatives of Universal Music, but they did not reach an agreement regarding the renewal of the contract, but neither did he obtain his immediate freedom.

3) Nodal staff announced prematurely and indiscreetly that he was already with another company, with which he worked his new song. The problem, say those close to the artist, is that He still has a current contract with Universal Music that he is obligated to fulfill and which he refuses.

4) Faced with this situation, the Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms (AMPROFON), which brings together the country’s record companies, issued a warning letter to businessmen and artists, to refrain from hiring, disclosing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, exploiting and / or selling any type of sound recording of Christian Nodal and that everything must be consented to by Universal.

The warning goes to all platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify and Amazon, Google, among many more, to television stations such as TV Azteca and any broadcast window of his music, as well as to promoters that hire him, such as Ocesa and Live Nation.

“They are informed that Universal Music Group México SA de CV have filed precautionary measures before the judge of the case against JG Music SA de CV, Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez, Christian Jesús González Nodal, also known by his stage name Christian Nodal, Jesús Jaime González Terrazas, Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga and / or Banda de Sergio Lizárraga known as Banda MS Operadora de Centros de Espectáculos SA de CV (Ocesa), Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., Promotodo México SA de CV, Producciones Landon SA de CV, Sony Music Entertainment México SA de CV, Sony BMG Music Entertainment México SA de CV, The Orchard ” .

The letter also points to individuals, such as Belinda Peregrín Schüll, Nodal’s fiancée, and who directed the video that her boyfriend made with the MS: “To Belinda Pellegrin to refrain from making, producing, exploiting, promoting, marketing, broadcasting or recording any video clip, videogram, phonogram, sound recording with the solo and / or joint performance of the future defendant Christian Nodal “.

On this point, THE REPORTER He spoke with AMPROFON personnel, who indicated that they have nothing against Nodal, but that they sent the statement – of a private nature – in response to the indications of a judge.

For its part, the company Lizos Music -which offers music promotion and study services and is associated with Sony Music-, and to which the MS belongs, pointed out to this publishing house that they have not received any notification in which they are prohibited work with Nodal.

The Sonoran recently released the song “La sinvergüenza” as a duet with the MS; the song already has almost 28 million views on YouTube, which translates into huge profits for those involved.

According to the Datanoticias site, in Mexico YouTube pays five pesos for every thousand reproductions in a video within its platform, and now that the video clip has risen to more than 20 million reproductions, the estimated earnings with this success amount to just over 140 thousand pesos.

5) In this situation, artists who had seen it in their upcoming concerts and album recordings now have to “uninvite him and stop any collaboration that Nodal does independently until he resolves his differences with his record label. Only the materials that I had already recorded for Universal remain.

Nodal, 22, began his career in 2016. In five years he has released four albums, received awards such as the Latin Grammy and Billboard, and has 8.8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Days before this controversy was uncovered, Nodal announced that “La sinvergüenza” will be part of his next album, which will be called “Forajido”.

With information from EL UNIVERSAL


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