Christin Okpara flies out of the jungle camp: she lost that much fee

Excitement about Christin Okpara! RTL throws the participant who has already been presented before the start of the jungle camp from the successful celebrity show. Because there are open questions about Christin Okpara’s vaccination status that cannot be clarified in the short term, “I’m a star – get me out of here” is not allowed to compete, according to an RTL spokesman. This has personal, legal and financial consequences for Christin Okpara!

PR, money and follow-up orders: participation in the jungle camp should pay off

For a long time, Christin Okpara kept quiet about her contract with RTL and the production company ITV. In the background she, along with the management, prepared her participation in the jungle camp 2022. In the run-up, it’s usually about branding, sophisticated strategies and lucrative follow-up orders after the show. Celebrities want to consciously use the high level of attention and their new market value.

Candidates for the jungle camp 2022: These celebrities are there as participants


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Christin Okpara also wanted to continue successfully after the jungle camp; with a new celebrity status and more Instagram followers, it would have been easier for advertising partners to bite. Other show invitations would have been possible.

Celebrities can use “I’m a Celebrity” for further careers

“I’m a star – get me out of here” is one of the most-watched programs in Germany. Many celebrities used their participation cleverly. These include Ross Antony, Julian FM Stoeckel, Désirée Nick, Micaela Schäfer, Peer Kusmagk, Melanie Müller, Jochen Bendel, Thorsten Legat and Evelyn Burdecki.

For Christin Okpara, the early expulsion from the jungle camp is extremely inconvenient. She has not yet been able to present herself to a wide audience and has to do without attention, possible success and a fee.

The AZ had insight into the jungle camp contract

Ex-jungle camper Julian FM Stoeckel, who has been familiar with the industry for many years, estimated their negotiated fee at 40,000 euros. But after Christin Okpara’s departure, there will probably be nothing left of it. As the AZ learned from negotiating circles and from first sources, a very specific clause in the contract now applies.

Christin Okpara: The entire fee is gone

Since Christin Okpara did not comply with the terms of the contract, the special right of termination applies. RTL was able to sort them out of the field of candidates. The fee is 100 percent waived. She loses the entire amount. But it gets even worse: An expense allowance is due! That should be a higher four-digit amount.

Expense allowance, early return flight and renewed quarantine

In the next few days, Okpara, who lives in a loft paid for by production directly in the Kruger National Park, will have to fly back to Germany early. Then a ten-day quarantine awaits the 25-year-old. South Africa has been classified as a high-risk area since January 4th.

Imprisonment possible for fake vaccination card

If her vaccination card is even fake, she faces legal consequences. According to the new Infection Protection Act, the use of a false passport can be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine.

Celebrity fees: Which candidate earns the most in the jungle camp 2022?


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Subsequent candidate Jasmin Herren is happy. Willi Herren’s widow now has the chance to prove herself in front of an audience of millions. About Christin Okpara she says in the “Bild” interview: “I can only say: It’s my own fault. I wouldn’t have taken the risk. But now I’m here!”

RTL: Corona vaccination not a prerequisite for jungle camp participation

In general, vaccination against the corona virus is not a prerequisite for participation, reports RTL. A negative PCR test and compliance with the prescribed quarantine period. RTL entertainment and jungle boss Markus Küttner says: “Whether Christin is vaccinated or not is not the problem here. It’s about the legitimate suspicion that she made false statements to the production about the vaccination against the corona virus has.”

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