Christin Okpara: How do you know the rejected jungle camp candidate?

Among the candidates initially presented for this year’s “jungle camp”, she was one of the lesser-known faces: Christin “Queenie” Okpara. How did she get famous?

How did Christin Okpara get famous?

Christin Okpara, who is also known as Christin Queenie, is likely to have stuck in the minds of many reality TV viewers mainly because of her quick-tempered temperament.

TV shows: Christin Okpara was on “Are you the one” and “Couple Challenge”

In 2021 Okpara took part in the dating show “Are you the One”. There she found her “perfect match” in candidate Germaine, but the two did not become a couple. The 26-year-old attracted attention in the show mainly because of her loud and sometimes very explosive manner, which she involved in various quarrels with her colleagues.

RTL apparently recognized their reality TV potential and sent them to the “#CoupleChallenge” in 2021 together with trash TV star Walentina Dorina. The pair of friends made it to third place. In this format, too, the two stood out for their provocative and argumentative manner towards the other couples.

Celebrity fees: Which candidate earns the most in the 2022 jungle camp?


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Christin Okpara: Streit with Walentina Dorina

In the meantime, however, the former friends have fallen out. In an interview with “Promiflash“Not exactly friendly words left about Christin Okpara:” She is simply devoid of empathy and malicious. “

Daniel Hartwich (left) and Sonja Zietlow will also moderate the jungle camp in 2022.  Audience favorite Dr.  Bob is also back again.

Jungle Camp 2022: All information about the start, broadcast dates and broadcast times


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Tina Ruland is a candidate for the 2022 jungle camp.

Tina Ruland in the jungle camp: does she have a partner and children?


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Christin Okpara and “The Sex Clinic”

Incidentally, “Are you the one” was not Christin Queenie’s first TV appearance: In 2020 she was seen as a patient in “Die Sexklinik”. On the show, she was examined because of her vaginal discharge and the associated fear that she had a sexually transmitted disease.

Christin Queenie: My actual job was a social worker

Christin Okpara was born on December 1, 1996 in Harsewinkel near Bielefeld. Before starting her career in reality TV, she said she worked as a social worker.

Relationship Status: Is Christin Okpara Single?

It is not publicly known whether Christin Okpara is in a partnership. She is officially single.

Scandal: What questions about the corona vaccination are open?

On January 13th, RTL announced that Christin Okpara would not participate in “I am a star – get me out of here”. RTL entertainment and jungle boss Markus Küttner: “There were discrepancies about Christin Okpara’s vaccination status, which could not be resolved in the short time. These discrepancies are sufficient for us to take immediate action: She will for this reason do not participate in the jungle camp 2022. ” In general, a vaccination against the coronavirus is not a prerequisite for participation.

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