Chyno Miranda would be hospitalized in Venezuela due to new health problems

Apparently 2022 did not bring good news for Chyno Miranda, since the musician would have had a new relapse in his health. The Venezuelan musician would be going through a new complex situation that led him to enter his native country, Venezuela, according to the program “Chisme No Like”.

At the moment no further details are known about the problems that the interpreter of “My Pretty Girl” would have, but without a doubt he will have to be strong and continue to resist as he did last year. Let’s remember that Miranda’s health deteriorated after contracting COVID-19. The singer not only suffered from the disease that plagues the whole world, but as a result of it, it led to a ‘peripheral neuropathy’ that caused paralysis and severe pain in the body.

The former member of the duo “Chyno y Nacho” not only went through difficult times in terms of his health, but also personally, since a few months ago he confirmed his separation from the businesswoman Natasha Araos, his partner and mother of his son.

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