Claudia López assured that omicron is the dominant variant in Bogotá

The mayor of Bogotá assured that on January 24, students from public colleges and universities will enter with a capacity of 100% face-to-face.

The Mayor of Bogotá Claudia López confirmed that the dominant variant in the country’s capital is omicron, and recommended that parents have their children vaccinated before January 24, since from this date there are 100% face-to-face classes. It should be noted that the cases of patients in the Intensive Care Units in the city, in which there are 292 people fighting against covid-19.

“Ómicron is, omicron is already the dominant variant in Bogotá, positive cases will continue to rise, but the worsening of hospitalization will not increase, much less intensive care and much less death if we get vaccinated, “said the Mayor Claudia López.

It also recommended that parents vaccinate young people and children before January 24 of this year, taking Keep in mind that classes in colleges and universities will be 100% face-to-face.

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“On January 24, the entire public school system in Bogotá returns to face-to-face classes, today our teachers, coordinators, professors and principals entered, we welcome them to start planning the new school year, in each classroom it is mandatory to use the mask “Lopez said.

Bogota It currently has 43,269 active cases of covid-19, the locations with the most infections are Go up, Usaquén and Engativá, like this It was also known that 86% of people already have two doses against the covid-19 and 93.2% have at least one vaccine.

The Health Secretary invited citizens that have not yet started or completed their immunization to go to the vaccination points to go to the more than 30 authorized points and receive the biological that is available. You can check the points at or on the entity’s social networks.

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