Claudia López got into the ranch … Invites citizens to sell their cars to ride a bicycle

The mayor referred to the request of many Bogota citizens about vehicle taxes before the extension of the peak and license plate.

The extent of the peak and plate in Bogotá It came into force as of this Tuesday, January 11, and many Bogota citizens are not happy. Although there are those who defend the measure, there are also many who have expressed their discomfort at not being able to circulate freely in the city in their private vehicles, because the restriction now applies from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

However, the mayor Claudia lopez has remained firm in defending the new strategy to improve the mobility of the city, inviting many to accept the option of mobilizing by public transport, in addition to promoting the use of shared cars. In turn, the president has been emphatic in not buying new cars or motorcycles to evade the measure.

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On the other hand, as soon as the mayor was questioned about vehicle taxes – a constant doubt among car owners – she sparked controversy by ensuring that the contribution values ​​will be maintained, despite the fact that it will be only 8 months in the year in which the Vehicles may circulate in the city. “Taxes are for having a car, I invite you to sell it. Use a bicycle, use public transport or share it. There is no right, it is not rational, that 20% of Bogota citizens congest, block, contaminate and make 100% sick the citizens”, López told Caracol Televisión.

“Only 20% of Bogota citizens have a car, we are a privileged minority that uses 85% of the mobility space. If there is something inequitable in Bogota, it is the use of public mobility space,” the mayor added to the aforementioned media.

Finally, López was emphatic in exhorting the citizens of the capital to accept the solidarity peak and plaque to be exempt from the new measure.

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