Claudia López insisted on not allowing herself to be blackmailed “That no politician comes to blackmail anyone”

The president asked citizens to denounce any type of blackmail, in the middle of the 2022 elections.

From the town of Bosa, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, was dispatched against politicians who are on the campaign and try to buy votes, at the point of false promises such as favors or subsidies.

The president stated that In the capital of the country, nobody needs the subsidy of a politician to receive support. López asked not to be extort money for a vote; He recommended that if in the middle of the political campaign they see people who are offering political favors, they should report it to the competent authorities.

“People who do not depend on the subsidy of a politician but on their own effort are free people, (…) is that no politician comes to blackmail anyone for anything, to tell him to vote for me that I will get him a subsidy, Nothing of that; The subsidies are assigned in a technical way and because they are in the Sisbén or you need it and if it is not there, we put it in.

“That no one now that the electoral campaign is coming dares to blackmail a single citizen by telling them that he is going to give him a subsidy in exchange for a vote, do not allow yourself to be extorted from any politician, “emphasized López.

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He also assured that in the capital of the country no one needs the recommendation of a politician to receive support and need it, you must go to a CADE, local mayors or Social Secretariat and it will be given to you free of charge even for any help.

And it is that precisely from the town of Bosa presented the balance of the guaranteed minimum income, which has reached more than one million 57,000 households; stated that 5,786 people have benefited from housing improvement projects with the ‘Plan Terrazas’ and highlighted the attention to migrant population especially from Venezuela, since 712,226 people in vulnerable situations have been helped.

He also referred to the care in the homes of the elderly who need it to avoid distant transfers to who go for their medicines or medical appointments.

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