Claudia López will be called to Congress to account for insecurity in Bogotá

The hearing in which he would have to give explanations in Congress would be convened the first week of February.

The Congress of the Republic is finalizing the details of what will be the public hearing that will be summoned to discuss the security problems that the city of Bogotá is facing.

The person leading this initiative is the conservative representative Juan Carlos Wills, who indicated that the hearing would be taking place the first week of February.

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The purpose is that the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, the commander of the Police and the authorities, deliver a detailed report on the way delinquency and criminality are being faced in the capital, where this phenomenon has been growing.

“We sent a written request to the board of directors of the First Commission so that they give us a date the first week of February for the public hearing where we will invite the mayor Claudia López, to the commander of the Bogotá Police, to the commander of the 13th Brigade, to the secretary of security, so that they can tell us what is happening with security in our city,” he said.

Wills said that between the Police, administrative and legislative authorities, they must design new strategies to prevent security from getting out of hand.

“We cannot let security overwhelm us as it is overflowing Mayor Claudia López and we need to carry out programs to avoid the insecurity that we are experiencing in the city today. We will hold this public hearing with the purpose of building and participating in the solutions that Bogotá needs in everything related to security,” he said.

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It is not yet known if the mayor of Bogotá will attend this new call that is done from Congress to talk about the issue of security, taking into account that the president was not present in a debate that was organized last year in which Claudia López was branded by representative Wills as being a “paper mayor ”.

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