Consuelo Duval: The Mexican actress celebrates her birthday far from Mexico

Away from his country and in a time of change is like Consuelo Duval has reached 54 years this Tuesday.

The actress and host shared a photo on her social networks where she looks happy to celebrate her day, but without neglecting that for now she is not in Mexico but in Argentina.

“It is not easy to be far from my country and my people”, wrote.

In addition, just a couple of days ago and through the Netas Divinas Instagram account, a preview of tomorrow’s program was shown in which the actress shares that one of her purposes for this new year is to change her way of life because, consider, that it has been neglected.

“I feel that last year I neglected myself, I left myself, in everything, I was in a comfort zone, not eating healthy, not exercising, which I have never done, but the moments of old age are coming,” shared Consuelo.

“There are things I say: ‘oh bastard’, you look in the mirror and you see the little neck.”

Although her colleagues from the program pointed out that she is not old and that, on the contrary, she looks spectacular, Duval was sincere: “I’m too stupid to fix myself … like I’m not taking care of my image a little bit.”

Consuelo Duval’s friends send a message for her birthday

Close friends such as actor Eugenio Derbez have joined his birthday celebrations, who took his own network to send him a message:

“Today is this woman’s birthday, nothing normal. She is intense, cheesy and screaming. When she laughs it seems like she swallowed Chucky, but she also has a huge heart. If life gave me the opportunity to choose her as a life sister … I would do it again. I adore you! “, wrote Derbez, with whom he shared credits throughout the different seasons of” La familia P. Luche “.

In that same network, other personalities of the environment such as Yolanda Andrade have expressed their affection, in her case, pointing out that “I love you to infinity and beyond.”

His daughter Paly posted some stories regretting that they are away, but noting that he celebrates her on a daily basis.

In addition, through different photos and videos, he defined her as his favorite person, the best grandmother in the world, the most sensual dancer and a great shopping companion, etc.



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