Corona Capital: Without masks or healthy distance they enjoy the concert

After almost two years without any massive event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people have gathered at the renowned musical festival “Corona Capital”, and in several cases, the healthy distance and the mask are forgotten .

Whether to get into the slam, to enjoy your drinks or just to yell at your favorite artist, some fans They have been captured without the mask on during the concert.

The organizer of the event, Armando Calvillo, confessed in an interview that although there are measures to avoid contagion, they could not be so demanding with the public.

“Our highest priority is the public and that they have a pleasant experience, with the Ministry of Health, with the government, we were talking about the protocols, they honestly did not demand more, they told us that it was already open, the industry is not going to close Now, we have to open and we are not going to ask for very strict protocols for their return, “he explained.

What’s more, Calvillo explained that to carry out the Capital Crown they were based on measures that had already been applied in international festivals, such as proof of vaccination or negative proof of the COVID-19.

“They did not require us but we did want to add certain requirements based on other international festivals and the experience they had and we wanted to adopt it and among these requirements was the complete vaccination proof or the negative test of Covid-19, also the use of the mask is Obligatory we know that when they eat food they take it away, but that it is something momentary, “he said.

The atmosphere of party and euphoria is noticeable again in turn 4 of the Racetrack Hermanos Rodríguez, which last year lent part of its facilities to turn them into a Hospital COVID-19.

The total capacity of the place is not yet known, but each of the stages looks full as before the health contingency.



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