Corona injuries increased by 71% in a week, and China completely fed more than 1 2 billion people

The World Health Organization reported about 9.5 million new cases of Covid-19 last week, which is a record number, an increase of 71% over the previous week, after the world exceeded 300 million infections with the emerging coronavirus and its variants, especially the mutant Omicron, where the world has witnessed a significant increase in infections since the middle of December, two weeks after Omicron appeared in Botswana and South Africa. But this rise has not yet been accompanied by a rise in the number of deaths.

According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, more than 303 million cases of infection have been recorded worldwide until yesterday. Also, 9 billion and 390 million doses of vaccine were given, according to the same source. In this context, China announced that it has fully vaccinated more than 1.21 billion people against Covid-19, according to Xinhua, citing the National Health Commission yesterday.

About 2.89 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered on the Chinese mainland as of Friday, said committee spokesman Mi Feng, stressing that China is facing increasing pressure due to imported COVID-19 cases.

In addition, Australian Chancellor of the Exchequer Josh Frydenberg said that he had contracted Covid-19, joining a group of senior government officials who were infected with the Corona virus, while the number of daily infections exceeded 100,000 for the first time with the spread of the mutant Omicron. “I have the common symptoms and I am self-isolating with my family,” Frydenberg wrote in a short message on Twitter and Facebook, without revealing the strain of the virus that infected him.

Other senior officials who have contracted the coronavirus and recovered from the disease include Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Defense Secretary Peter Dutton.

The World Health Organization said yesterday that the spread of Omicron is due to a combination of factors, including mutations carried by the new mutated strain and increased social mixing.

The head of the technical team in the Emergency Diseases Unit of the World Health Organization, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that people should reduce their exposure to the virus and try to control its transmission, after a week during which record casualties were recorded.

Van Kerkhove emphasized that Omicron spreads very quickly among people for several reasons, the first of which is the mutations it carries, which allows it to attach to human cells more easily. Secondly, there is the so-called immune escape. This means that the infection can recur … in those who were previously infected and those who have been vaccinated,” according to a statement distributed by the World Health Organization.

The health official added that “there is another reason that we are witnessing a proliferation of omicrons in the upper respiratory tract, and it differs in this from Delta and other mutant.”

But in addition to these factors, the spread of the virus is also driven by the increased mixing of people and spending more time in closed places in the winter season in the northern hemisphere, and the failure to adhere to preventive measures such as physical distancing.

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