COVID-19: Peru registers 783 new cases and 3,330 hospitalized, according to Minsa report

COVID-19: Peru registers 783 new cases and 3,330 hospitalized, according to a Minsa report. (Photo: Minsa)

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that in the last 24 hours of November 16 they reported in the country 783 positive cases of COVID-19 and 17 deaths from this disease.

According to the information in the COVID-19 Situation Room updated to November 16, 117 people overcame the disease and they were discharged on the last day.

Since it started the pandemic until 10:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday samples were processed for 19 million 752,740 people due to the new coronavirus, obtaining 2 million 218,202 confirmed positive cases and 17 million 534,538 negative ones.

Only during November 16, the results of 45,700 people sampled were recorded, of which 783 were confirmed symptomatic cases of that day.

Likewise, the results of 1,370 confirmed COVID-19 cases from the previous seven days.


On the other hand, the Minsa reported that to date there are 3,330 patients hospitalized for the virus in question, of which 898 are in various Intensive Care Units (ICU) and with mechanical ventilation.

Of the total confirmed cases, 2 million 198,039 people completed their period home isolation or were discharged from a health facility.

The Ministry regrets to inform that, to date, the COVID-19 has caused the death of 200,741 citizens in the country and expresses its heartfelt condolences to family members at this time of grief.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Government recommends physical distancing of at least one meter from another person, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and wearing face shields on public transportation.

COVID-19 situational room in Peru.  (Photo: Minsa)
COVID-19 situational room in Peru. (Photo: Minsa)


Remember that the Government is already asking for the vaccination card in some public services such as interprovincial transport. People who do not show their license will not be able to board the bus. Currently, the option of fining carriers who do not enforce the rule is being considered.

What’s more, As of December 15, the restrictive measures are extended to more closed public spaces, such as gyms, restaurants, stadiums and more.

If you want to get your vaccination card, follow these steps.

– First you must enter: MINSA – Vaccination Card

– You must enter the type of your document

– Do not forget to put your identity document number

– You must enter your date of birth

– Do not forget to put the date of issuance of your identity document

– After filling in these details, you will be able to hand out your vaccination card.

In case you do not register, you can do it manually by entering a link where you will put all the data. This is also valid for Peruvians who were vaccinated were from the country.

Do not stop downloading your card and thus avoid being denied the pass.


Several months ago a platform was being promoted in which people vaccinated abroad could register to add to the data of the State, but it was discovered that many people who did not meet the condition began to register,

“People who did not necessarily meet that condition began to be registered”, stated Gabriela Jiménez, head of Immunizations of the Minsa

It is for this reason that the Minsa is planning to locate in the transport terminals to inoculate those who have not yet done so.

The deployment will also take place in areas with high pedestrian flow such as Gamarra and Mesa Redonda.


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