Cudgel to the head took Kennedy’s veteran neighbor out of this world

The fact investigated by the competent authorities occurred inside a house in the Dindalito sector of the south west of Bogotá.

A grandfather was murdered in the last hours, after being hit with a club on the head, inside a house in the southwest of the capital of the country.

The death of the 65-year-old veteran man was presented at a property in the Dindalito sector, Kennedy town in Bogota.

Those close to the injured man reported that after locating him in a serious state of health, the man was rushed to the facilities of the Kennedy Hospital, site in which, 12 hours later he surrendered to the arms of death, product of tcranioencephalic rauma who suffered in the middle of brutal blow.

Criminalistics units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation They were present in the mobile laboratory in that care center, to carry out the inspection and transfer of the mortal remains to the headquarters of the institute of Legal Medicine.

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