Dani Duke got a tremendous scream telling scare that he lived on a plane

The influencer spoke a bit about the panic that airplanes generate in her.

Dani Duke, influencer and content creator of makeup and care issues, has attracted the attention of the curious for her romantic relationship with La Liendra, the aesthetic retouching that has been done and the projects that she undertakes in the middle of her career. The young woman has been the protagonist of praise and comments for her undoubted beauty.

Recently, the influencer caught the attention of her loyal social media followers after sharing a series of videos in which she was affected by a situation she experienced during a trip she made. La paisa wanted to share the anecdote with his fans and relate some details of the experience he went through on a plane.

According to what Dani Duke said in the clip of his official Instagram account, he was in Pereira and was traveling to Medellín, when he went through a harrowing flight on a plane arriving home. The content creator He expressed the fear he felt, added to the panic he feels when traveling on airplanes.

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The Colombian thanked for being alive, since the flight was “horrible” and he felt “that his heart was going to break out.” It all happened because the plane was passing through the mountains, quite short and moving from side to side.

I felt that my heart was going to leave my body, I was breathing badly and I was dizzy. Thank God we landed, God is great and loves me, I am alive. The most probable thing is that nothing was going to happen, clearly, but I have panic ”, assured the young woman, indicating that she thought she was going to die.

Dani emphasized that she cried and gave her a headache from this uncomfortable situation, but she tried to calm down and thank her because she is still alive.


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