David Bowie: 10 songs to remember “The Chameleon of Rock”

David Bowie was born on January 8, 1947, and sadly passed away on January 10, 2016, a couple of days after his birthday.

The Briton is considered one of the most important characters in popular culture, it is found among the “100 greatest singers of all time” according to Rolling Stone magazine, and among the “100 most important British in history” according to a 2002 poll by the BBC television network that includes such important figures as William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill.

The impact he had on British culture led him to be about to receive two different titles of Knight by the Order of the British Empire, which he rejected, arguing not being interested.

Almost 6 years after his death, his fans remember him through his music. These are some of the most momentous songs in David Bowie’s career.

David Bowie is ranked 23rd on the list of the 100 greatest singers of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine. AFP / HARALD MENK


Space Oddity

“Space Oddity”, the song that made David Bowie famous and gives its name to his 1969 album, is definitely one of the most important songs in the British career, not only because of its commercial success, but because when narrating the an astronaut’s odyssey and having premiered 10 days before man reached the moon, was used by the BBC on the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969.



1975’s “Fame” was David Bowie’s first single to top the US charts. It was co-written for John Lennon who is also accredited as vocal support.



Despite not having been a major hit in the UK or the US when it was released in 1977, “Heroes” is currently one of David Bowie’s most characteristic and recognized songs, covered by various artists.



“Changes” from 1971 is recognized by the new generations for having been part of the soundtrack from “Shrek 2”. She was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for her cultural significance.



1972’s “Starman” was the second major hit in David Bowie’s career since “Space Oddity.” The lyrics describe Ziggy Stardust, the singer’s alter ego.


Life on Mars?

David Bowie’s interest in space travel and life on other planets is evident in his early works.

The 1969 single “Life on Mars” has been described as “A cross between a Broadway musical and a Salvador Dalí painting”, and “A glorious and strange hymn, where the combination of agitation, melody, longing for life and poetic images achieves a very particular effect on the art of song.”


Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance “is one of David’s most popular singles Bowie. A classic eighties that delves into the dance-pop and that gave name to his successful album of 1984.


The Man Who Sold The World

“The Man Who Sold The World”, written and performed by David Bowie, is not the most popular version of the song. In 1993 for the MTV Unplugged show, Nirvana performed what is now considered the most famous version of the song.

The song is about a man who no longer recognizes himself and feels lousy about it.


Under Pressure

“Under Pressure” was a collaboration between the band Queen and David Bowie for Queen’s 1982 album “Hot Space.” Despite being part of the discography of the legendary British band, “Under Pressure” existed thanks to the great contribution of Bowie, who composed the famous bass line that would later be plagiarized by Vanilla Ice.



The heartbreaking song “Lazarus” was the last single David Bowie released while alive. This and other songs that were part of Bowie’s last album are a “self-epitaph”, a reference to the impending death of the singer, who battled liver cancer for a year and a half. The music video was posted on YouTube three days before his death.



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