Demian Bichir shares a photo of his wife Stefanie Sherk three years after his departure

Through his social networks the actor Demian Bichir remembers his late wife Stefanie Sherk with love, as he published in his Instagram a brief thought and a photo of her.

“Always in our smiles, our hearts and in our prayers. Stefanie Sherk (1976-2019),” wrote the Mexican actor.

Stefanie Sherk commits suicide in 2019

Demian went through a lot of suffering with the loss of his wife in 2019; Sherk was 43 when he took his own life. It was the same actor and Stefanie’s father who They found her with weights strapped to her back and ankles at the bottom of the pool at her home in California.. Although Sherk’s father tried to give her CPR, she was unable to come to, and within eight days of being in intensive care she was pronounced dead.

The official report stated that the Canadian model died of anoxic encephalopathy, a condition derived from oxygen deprivation to brain tissue that results in loss of brain function.

Bichir stated that Sherk had a medical history of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is believed to have been the result of the depression he suffered from the recent death of his grandmother and her dog, a few days earlier.

Sherk was also said to have suicidal thoughts, but had never attempted to kill himself.

Demian always commemorates her birthdays since then and shares photos of her with touching messages: “On your birthday and every day, we all love you and deeply miss your pretty blue smile. You are so much needed in these extraordinary times. Always loved Stefanie Sherk.”

He has also pronounced his pain when he was one year old since the loss and he always remembers it with love.

“The special years won’t come back when we were all together. But with the love you left in our hearts, you will walk with us forever. I will always be grateful for having shared those beautiful years with you. Today has been a long and lonely year, without your loving and kind presence. In loving memory of our beloved Stefanie Sherk “wrote the actor on his Instagram.



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