Desperate subject committed suicide by jumping off a bridge

This would be the first suicide incident on the new bridge that connects Ibagué to the Cajamarca municipality.

An unidentified male person, apparently, would have thrown himself from the new Coello bridge, the causes of this decision that this person made is still unknown, But La Cariñosa 1,420 AM confirmed thanks to the authorities that this unfortunate event took place approximately during the morning hours in this area of ​​the region.

Last year several suicide attempts were generated, which alerts the authorities to pay more attention to these cases, where many people need psychological guidance, and thanks to the different help mechanisms they are given guidance to carry out the respective medical assessment process.

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The community is asked to avoid any act that tries to end their lives, to look for solutions, and on the other hand, more presence of watchdog organizations in these high places that can be prone to people with apparent depression trying to jump.

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