Did you know her? Catch the strange similarity between the Squid Game and the Chavo del ocho

This curiosity has been mocked on social networks.

Two of the most watched and successful programs on television and the Netflix digital platform have undoubtedly been the Chavo del 8 and the Squid Game. Both with great accolades in entertainment, one for take place in comedy, and the other for its shocking plot.

The popular serie de Netflix has been so marked that it even became one of the favorites by users, where their conspiracy has a group of people who have financial problems, and are dabble in a series of games with the aim of getting money; without knowing that the people who lose in the obstacles, are being assassinated.

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However, what has attracted the most attention is that users on social networks found a strangeness that relates to the popular Mexican series recorded in the 70’s with the current plot of the Squid Game.

In one of the most iconic scenes remembered by all viewers of the popular series on the digital platform, it is the game called “Red Light, Green Light”, which consists of a giant doll, has a detector that shows the movement of the players who move when it is not allowed, which causes its complete elimination.

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However, the color of the dress of the giant plastic doll is similar to the one used by the actor Edgar Vivar when he played ‘Ñoño’ in the Roberto Gómez Bolaños series, since the orange color of his outfit and his yellow t-shirt, it reflects the equality of the suit of the two. Something that did not go unnoticed on the night of October 31 and that was the reason for memes on the part of Internet users, who said they did not notice an obviousness that united these two series.


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