DiDi Food put the ten to protect the delivery men in Bogotá

DiDi Food offers personal accident insurance in the event of an emergency during the delivery of an order.

After announcing its launch in Bogotá and other cities in the country, the application DiDi Food now presents a suite of security tools designed to protect users delivery partners who work through this food delivery app.

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Depending on the platform, the following features will help users to delivery guys feel safe every time they connect to the app:

Emergency button

This function allows delivery partners to carry out a alerts DiDi Food security team and call 123 directly in case they face an emergency situation and require immediate assistance. Once the generated alert is generated, the partner will be contacted through a phone call and support.

Security patrols

This option allows you to send security patrols with specialized assistance and immediate before a incident or emergency that is reported by delivery partners while they are connected with an active order. These patrols, they use GPS so the unit closest to the incident is the one that receives the notification, they are also connected to the DiDi 24/7 Emergency Center, which has direct communication with authorities.

Anonymous phone

This resource works as a protective measure for the personal information of the delivery partners, who make the food deliveries. So that Your phone number is not shared with users or with establishments.

24/7 Support Line

A team of specialists is available to provide immediate and personalized attention to any situation. The support number is [601 580 13 98]. When calling, the partner will be attended by an application operator.

Safety communications

The application continually sends delivery people safety recommendations, depending on the vehicle type that they employ and the time of delivery.

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Insured travel

DiDi Food offers a personal accident and civil liability insurance for third parties, which extends to cover medical and psychological expenses caused in an accident that happens when the delivery partners are connected to the application with an active order.

According to the platform that offers food at home, these tools are already available and are complementary to other functions you already own the platform. In the same way, he announced that other functionalities that are designed for delivery partners and users will eventually be incorporated.


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