Diego Torres: “Color hope” celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Argentine musician Diego Torres is on his ninth album and his ‘hit’ “Hope color” It has been going around the world for 20 years: “it has a special power”, he admits in an interview.

“When people tell you: ‘I listen to this album, I have it and I keep listening to it’… that for me is true success. It’s good that people continue to keep me there with those current songs. We grew up together. The mothers , parents, families in common put it on their children,” he adds.

Published at the end of 2001, when Argentina was exploiting the worst political, social and economic crisis of its history, “A different world” it sold over 6 million copies worldwide and will always be remembered for including “Color Esperanza”, which became a anthem in Ibero-America.

A song composed by Coti Sorokin, Cachorro López and Torres himself, who even sang it before Pope John Paul II in 2003. “You see what the song awakens when you sing it and you say ‘oops! this has a special power“, he points out.

And if he has gotten tired of her, he reflects: “You go through all the states. Logically, sometimes you get tired of the song, and you come back to relive it and do it again. But now, when time has passed, I don’t know if it is that I am getting old and the 50 years are noticeable, I have respect and emotion, because I realize it and say… ‘wow, asshole, what can generate a song!'”.

In 2019, his decision to interpret it in a macro-concert held to claim freedom for the Venezuelan people annoyed Coti, co-creator of the song, who considered that It was used politically. Controversy that intensified that same year due to statements by both musicians about the authorship of the song.

Friction that ended shortly after, when during the COVID-19 pandemic the composers they decided to meet again: “The reunion with Coti and Cachorro was good. We said… ‘a pandemic has to come for us to meet again!’ And I am also grateful to Coti as a composer and what we have generated with this song, which I think is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us,” he says.


A reconciliation that led to the recording in 2020 of a new version sung by Diego and Coti with other international artists. The proceeds were donated to the Pan American Health Organization.



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